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Chronic diseases are the main driver behind the overall rising cost, accounting for about 84% of the total expenditure (total expenditure of what? And for whom? Please clarify), yet Americans who interact with the healthcare system find themselves frustrated with the friction in it. Nowhere is the pain more acute than when getting comprehensive and up to date patient data. Patients and healthcare systems need to individually and painstakingly access multiple platforms to acquire patient data from across multiple doctors, labs and hospitals.

This is unacceptable as many critical, lifesaving decisions related to patient care are dependent on quick and timely access to medical history that is not easily available to health care providers or patients. This leads to delays in treatment, sub-par treatment, increased length of stay in the hospital etc. It also means higher costs for patients, practitioners and Healthcare systems while practitioners also cannot realize government incented revenues due to data gaps all the while consistently facing additional costs like duplicate lab results etc.

Americans have been caught in this hurricane of our healthcare system because no one has brought world class technology systems integration expertise to a solution that puts customers and healthcare practitioners at the center.

MyMediport changes that

Mymediport is both a patient app and a healthcare provider portal with the ability to integrate patient medical history data from across multiple disparate disconnected silos and present it along with insights to both patients and healthcare providers with easy access, sharing and analysis features. It is all your patient medical history at your fingertips delivered in a snap! This means patients get better quality care, and healthcare providers and health systems get better operational and financial metrics, significant improvement in quality of care, better reputation and a competitive advantage. The mymediport solution is made in consultation with healthcare experts & practitioners, uses researched customer journeys and has founders who are distinguished medical practitioners and global leaders in developing enterprise-class systems integration technology. This is why mymediport helps dramatically improves the patient experience, lowers their medical costs over lifetime, while ensuring healthcare providers and health systems lower their health management costs, and increase revenue opportunities through faster recoveries.

Health expenditure in the US is almost $4 trillion a year, or 18% of GDP. In ten years, this percentage is expected to rise to 20% of GDP.

The average American family spent $ 28,166 in 2018 on healthcare services, up 20% from 2014.

During the 20-year period, between 1996 and 2016, US health expenditure increased by 105% while inflation rose by only 55%.
Healthcare’s role in the life of Americans is increasing but so are patient frustrations with American healthcare. Mymediport is changing that. We are obsessed with improving the lives of patients and we are using powerful disruptive technologies to do exactly that. This is the start of a healthcare revolution.